Halloween 2013.

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, Mysterious and spooky, They’re all together ooky…It’s Adam’s family! Snap snap.
 Ever since Adam wanted to name unborn Nori, “Wednesday”, we joked around about being The Addam’s Family one day for
Halloween. Kinda just worked out perfect with the kids birth order. Also, thank God I put the kabash on that name.

Their outfits were so easy. Wednesday is wearing a women’s clearance shirt that I altered into a dress, with  my socks

and I sprayed her hair black. Some white face paint and a lil black eye makeup plus the already mastered attitude of a threenager which

comes so naturally. A bonus is how well she already chases Nico Pugsly all day trying to harm him. Way to be in character Nori!

Pugsly is wearing my niece Mia’s shirt that I cut the bow off of and the rest are his normal clothes.  And who new that in one of the original

versions of the series, Pugsly had a brown mop cut? I always remembered it being black! So that worked out.h13002Gomez’s entire outfit was straight out of his closet. “Thing” was a few bucks at Cappels. My dress was a typical woman’s velour costume that

I took a scissors to the neckline to be more appropriate for Morticia. To which Adam kept saying, “loower…cut loooower.” Don’t be jealous,

most of those puppies are socks. I said good bye to any sort of life I had a handful of months ago when Nico was done abusing me. And let

me tell you, walking around in a lowcut, squeezed in like a sausage dress, is much less fun as a Mom. And also, a lot more like torture.

My good friend Lindsey came and made mine and Nori’s faces legit. THANKS LOVER! Adam impressively did his own.


The rest are some iPhone shots from Sunday when we did our annual trick or treating with the old folks at my Nanaw’s nursing home.h13004

That’s a bag of sand in Poppi’s hand. He’s a “sandwich.” Get it? He’s truly as special as they come. I’ve been dealing with this for 30 years,

people. But honestly, understanding him, helps you understand where I get most of my humor from. I’m just less creepy.h13005

Team Klems. Brian is Captain Handsome, obvi.h13006h13007h13008

Hope you all have a blast tonight! Stay safe and have fun! Heart, Morticia.

Ps. After Nico as an Oompa Loompa went viral last year/this year, I feel like I should state that I do these costumes for fun for my family

but I am in no way selling or taking orders to make these. Ever. Like never ever.

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