The Rewwers.

Isn’t this the most beautiful backdrop and set of people? You’d never know the nasty “used” items we kicked out of the way and better yet, that

50yrds out of frame was a taped off crime scene with a handful of lit cruisers and a full crowd of spectators.  Gahahaha. Normally we shoot in a

park like setting but I thought I’d give them the full downtown experience this time. 🙂 You’re welcome.

I shot Will a couple yrs ago and he looks like the same handsome guy. But Lucy! This girl is growin up!!

Jack is more hilarious than ever and dare I say, looking more like a man than tween. Emma is a senior now and I have so much

amazingness of her that I decided to do a post just for her so you could really take in how striking she is.

Those crisp shadows caught my eye so we decided to have a little fun.  At first I was cropping just the shadows but then I realized they were full

on making faces to go with the pose and I had to capture that too. HI.LAR.IOUS. Like, did you guys even realize you were doing that??  HAHA.

Will and Emma were so proud in this one on the right. 🙂 And PeterPan on the right!

I have to really pay attention while shooting him. His humor is quiet and sneaky.

You guys have the best smilessss.


Wills laugh into Emma! All of this is the best.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph. America’s Next Top Models.

Kate never saw it coming and her body language screams, stop this immediately. Bahaha.

I so much look forward to capturing your personalities, the perfect faces that come with them are just a mega bonus. Like super mega. 🙂

You better be printing images from the last couple years, Kate. Those babies in your hallway are grown up and gorgeous.

SHOWCASE them!! Great to see you. ___insert funny gif here___

Heart, Melanie

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