I just feel liiiiike…these youth of today are so lucky to skip right passed that awkward stage and right on to striking beauty thats it’s totally unfair.

I mean, the gene pool is legit getting stronger and as a photog, I’m not mad about it. THIS FACE!!

As genuine as it gets. That million watt smile!

After posting their family yesterday, a lot of people were commenting about smiling when you’re so pretty. YES. BUT ALLLLSO,

the perfection of this porcelain face!! I literally kept saying outloud, “I adore your smile but gosh dangit, your straight face is SMOKIN.”

Constant inner battle I was facing. :0

Nothing makes my heart more excited than a wall of ivy changing color! The color gives me life.

Those big brown eyes!!

Can you hear me yelling, UGHHHH I can’t even decide! I’ll just take both. And then two wks later, the same dialogue when chose for

the blog images ahahaha.

I for sure had to be like 4 places this night but I couldn’t stop. How does one walk away from this light? This stunning girl in front of me?

I was like, oh well, my kids can hopefully hitch a ride, this golden sun lasts 10min at most. I’m staying. 🙂

Then the struggle was which lens to use. I was popping back n forth between multiple because the different flares, the bokeh, I just wanted all of it!!

Like I already said yesterday, these kids are so blessed to be born into the loving and incredible family that they have. Words can’t explain how

deep the beauty runs beneath the skin. Proud to call you guys my friends. You done good, Kate and John!!

Heart, Melanie

Ps. I hope you’re valedictorian of your class at RBU (Rewwer Basement University) next yr! BAHahhahaha.

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