Halloween 2020.

We decided to take it easy (but still FUN!) this year because, aren’t we just all over 2020 by now? Yes, thought so. Six people, six main colors of the rainbow. Perfect. We love rainbows, so even better. Each one of us head to toe in our color, just like my Miss Melanie color days in school. 😍 They chose their colors and since red is my least favorite color and purple is adam’s, it was decided.

I give you, the 🌈PACE RAINBOW 🌈

We have matching masks too, but we forgot to put them on for pics because rushing. like. always.  😬

Super Ezra was so proud. 🤣 He has his E on his cape and we have a pic but we ran out of time to process it for blog.😬

Ari was most insistent on a mask and mustache. He reminds me of  cross between a misfit Thing 3/Oompa loompa.

Nori found the eye roll emoji shirt thrifting. It was perfect. Her favorite color. Her constant attitude. Tween hoodie life. Most of her outfit was thrifted but the flower crown I threw together cause she loves yellow flowers. I’m letting her take her iPod out so she can take pics and the fanny pack will hold that and her “favorite candy the boys can’t have.” 😂

Nico is like a 1980s gym teacher. He wanted hair like Napoleon Dynamite. 🤣😍 His outfit is mostly from my closet except the wig and shoes.😆 Winning! 🎉

Adam was pleased his costume was so little work this yr. Nothing to put on the drama queen’s face. Just the itchy wig with the locks he’s always dreamed of having. Nico said to him, “would you really wear your hair that long if you could?” “HELL YES I WOULD!!I wanna look like Thor!”😂

There’s a lot happening here. I know. I couldn’t be plain. Details matter to me. 😬

Everyone had a couple home made things in their costume but lots of stuff we had or thrifted. It seems as though my costume had the most handmade elements to it because in Nico’s words, “it’s just TOO MUCH STUFF!” 🤣 I did have a lot of details and I even forgot to wear some of them in pics. 🙄

I found various purple high heels at thriftshops but a few dollars on knock off Toms and painting them however I wanted seemed much more comfortable, plus I’ll wear these all the time in the future!

Haven’t made a tutu in yrsssssss.

Two scarves for necklace and top hat trim, a pillow to make arm warmers and an African dashiki to cover the top hat and create sleeves for my short sleeve thrifted Michael Kors (?!) $2 shirt!

Adam strolling in wearing his thrifted jacket and dashiki find! Nico just chillin in his wig. 🤣🤣

Nico found some high tops at Salvation Army that he designed and painted, which he plans to put the black laces back in and wear whenever. The dragons both found old shoes and painted too because this year they all helped out on a whole new level!

They had just as much fun mixing their paint colors as they did painting.

Adam found a onesie and superman costume for a few bucks at Once Upon a Child. I covered all the red and yellow with old blue fabric and created an E logo for him and he later insisted I make it more fabulous with blue glitter and cutting apart an old scarf for various floofy trim.🤣 Ari used duct tape to add shapes to his outfit. I will always choose duct tape over paint or ribbon any day. So much easier!

At least 2020 gave us our first great weather Halloween in agessss!! It’s 550, kids are coming to our door and I dont have time to proof read. Sorry for all the errorrrrrs.. Gotta throw our costumes back on and goooooo! Happy Halloweenie, friends!

Heart, 🌈 The Pace Rainbow 🌈

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